Why Bad Things Happen to Good Christians

Over the years, within the mix of countless church services I've attended, I've heard this question answered the same way time and time again, but I was never satisfied. In each instance, the Pastor, Preacher, Minister, or whatever they answered to, would stand up and definitively say, "To test us!" While this may be true,... Continue Reading →

How to Recognize when God Speaks

Sometimes, one of the hardest things to do as a Christian is to distinguish the voice of God from your own. Newer Christians would often have trouble with this question, but separating the voice of the soul and Spirit can be difficult for even the most veteran Christ follower. I'm not certain who said it... Continue Reading →

Being Gay is Not a Sin

Over the years of being a youth pastor I've come across a number of students who all asked variations of the same questions regarding, is being gay a sin, can a gay person go to heaven, or can you be born gay? Each time I would have to set aside time to explain this, because... Continue Reading →

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